About us

We believe in what we do, nature, its strength, its miracles and subtleties, it guides our way.

We believe in you, you are unique. We are committed to your needs, your dreams and desires. What defines you, will define your home.

Our projects treasure ancestral knowledge, we take care of your present without forgetting your future. How? Health and Sustainability, that is our answer.


The way home

That path that we will walk together until the soul of the home resonates in harmony with your own is the true key to our success… In a world that is slipping through our fingers, the world of the immediate, of ephemeral emotion, of the public, we stop the clock to dedicate you all the time you deserve, time to talk, time to remember, time for the eternal, time for the intimate, time to get to know you. Only by listening to you can we find the right answers to shape a home where the most valuable raw material is you.

The expert eye.

Once we have found that personal and unique essence, we let nature speak to us, we hear its message loud and clear. Following the teachings of the Chue style of Feng Shui and from the expert eye, the complex Lo Pan compass reveals criteria and design guidelines for a conscious occupation generating a harmonious habitat as natural as it is humanized.

This transcendent look is complemented with the scientific precision of bioclimatic design, the house adapts to its immediate environment, to its microclimatic conditions, to the rhythms of the breezes and prevailing winds, to the cyclical rains and to the path of the sun in the celestial vault.

And in the end we usually discover how both looks converge… causality? It could be, although it does not seem so to us, after all there are those who see in Feng Shui, wind and water, the oldest bioclimatic design manual in the world.

Handmade architecture.

Once the base has been established and the project’s guidelines have been set, it is time to make it grow, to give it life. Our system is simple: hard and daily work, side by side with you from the execution project to the completion of the work.

We develop the design with that precise and careful attention to details and finishes that allows us to combine beauty and functionality, we help you select biocompatible materials and systems with the highest standards of efficiency, we anticipate problems and solve them, and when we make mistakes we correct and learn.

True luxury.

A house as genuine and exclusive as you, imbued with a timeless, innovative and environmentally friendly concept. A deep, open and cosmopolitan jewel of millenary vanguard as the Mediterranean and the Baltic, elegant, precise and sober, where traditional ecological construction is combined with the most advanced technologies to achieve true luxury: Comfort, Health, Home.


Architect. Founding Partner OÖD Architects.

From her native Copenhagen she leaves the Baltic and her education in literature to pursue a degree in architecture at the University of Navarra, where she specializes in Urban Planning.

After graduating she moved to Marbella where she has developed a successful professional career based on environmental commitment and a tireless interest in the relationship between architecture and health. She combines both passions thanks to Feng Shui, a discipline in which she has reached a great level of mastery thanks to years of dedication in the imperial school of the Chue Fundation.

She brings her precise vision of architecture, Nordic mastery of detail and an incredible ability to bring a sense of calm and life to your home.

Architect. Founding partner OÖD Architects.

Always faithful to the sound of the Mediterranean since he was born in Malaga.

His creative drive together with a strong technical vocation led him to study architecture. From the ETSA of the University of Granada to the Università degli Studi Roma La Sapienza he cultivated his innate curiosity to, often against the current, explore the interactions between building and nature until finally reaching the degree of Master in Bioclimatic Architecture and Environment by the Polytechnic University of Madrid thanks to a study on the vernacular architecture of the  valley of Guadalhorce.

First BREEAM accredited consultant in the South of Spain, he adds to the team his experience in the field of construction and knowledge of advanced architectural systems.



Architect by the ETSA Granada, Master BIM expert REVIT, Master City and Sustainable Architecture by the University of Seville, completes her training at the Università degli Studi Parma acquiring notions in rehabilitation fundamental in her work in rehabilitation and conservation projects of the Patronato de la Alhambra and the Generalife.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, she actively participates in the OÖD philosophy, developing its full potential.

Partner Italy.

Founding architect of + Studi, where ahead of his time he developed a concept of collaborative architecture office becoming the leading architectural firm in the thriving city of Vicenza in Veneto.

In 2016 he moved to Malaga where he founded Marv Projects.

He is in charge of the coordination of the team, financial management of the construction companies and firms and the management of OÖD’s international projects.


All our homes have the highest energy rating, more than a decade ahead of the Directive 2010/31/EU on zero-energy buildings, ZEB.

In addition to being Green Building Council Associates and, thanks to our extensive experience in healthy and healthy architecture, we can guarantee the achievement of WELL and BREEAM certificates.